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Sam Lackey, Ambassador for Peace

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Sam Lackey Ambassador for Peace Associates an “ad hoc” group of humble world citizens of which will be referred to (for the sake of brevity) as "The Associates".

The Associates place high value on all life. 

The Associates value peace on earth and therefore promote peace on earth using the 4pha concept (a peace promotion formula).

The Associates are individuals and organizations who  truly recognize the importance of peace on earth. Persons who are self starters and make effort to promote peace and peacefully persuade others to value all life and promote peace.

The Associates embrace the concept of the oneness of humanity and the commonality of peace for all.

The Associates are not required to subcribe to any religion, political party or initiative nor does such subscription or affiliation disqualify one from interacting with The Associates.

Please note that the copy above is in development and subject to change and revision. 

Tools and methods.

1. Teach Peace with Thank You for Peace. 

2. View the video below with others and discuss the message conveyed in this cartoon featured Below. 


I thank you for taking the time to view the video. If you truly understand the possible impact of war on life and the global environment at large, then I hope that you encouraged to read the article below and may it inspire you further to do something and encourage others to do something for peace. 

Can I change the world?

By Sam Lackey

A very popular vintage song has a pessimistic  line that goes " The world will still be the same you'll never change it." The song lyric advises the listener to ultimately find somebody to love.  

On the other hand a popular book that is often read by and to children about a train that was able to overcome a challenge has the optimistic line "I think I can."                 

I like "I think I can" and I like the idea of finding somebody to love. The body that immediately comes to mind is earth the heavenly body that supports all life. On the planet we can find more bodies to love such as, our fellow human beings, animals, trees, oceans, rivers, and atmosphere.

This concept will hopefully encourage us to do more for peace and encourage others to do more and be recognized.

Can I change the world? I think I can. 

"I think we can "by together using a new tool for peace called 4pha.com PEACEARAMA. (more on 4pha.com peacearama to come)


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