Introducing PEACEARAMA

A strategic concept.

By Sam lackey PEACEARAMA is a pro-peace action strategy concept promoting peace, prosperity, protection, healing awareness and activity. PEACEARAMA is not a physical organization. It is a concept. Some may choose to strategize and initiate this concept for promoting and increasing peace. They may do so individually,collectively while partnering with the efforts of groups and organizations for peace.

No credentials are necessary to participate. There are no membership cards or applications to be issued by There is no formal organization to join.

You may choose to join in with or partner with (at your own personal motivation and discretion) individuals, groups, and/or organizations that have submitted information published on and who are participants in this PEACEARAMA initiative.


The Strategy is very simple.

Every one every where:


Do Something for Peace Now

Do Something for Peace Everyday


The projected result is increased peace Daily.


  You know what you what you can do for peace.

You may ask what am I to do?

My reply is simply do something for peace, Perhaps, you can perform loving actions of your your determination that can start from where you are by using the resources that you have currently available to you. If you want to promote peace, prosperity, protection,
healing and awareness, I suggest that you use your creativity.

You will determine the magnitude of your action as an example you might render random acts of kindness daily, write and perform a song or poem about peace. Produce and host peace events. Learn more about peace. Do something for peace. 




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